[+] Colour

Due to its characteristics, pearls are a product whose properties and nuances are difficult to reflect in a photograph. To this we must add that there are other factors that may influence the appreciation of colour such as the type of monitor you use. Therefore, the colours displayed are a mere reference and may vary slightly.

The following comparative table can be used as a reference to show the main pearl colours that we offer.

[+] Pearl size

Pearl size
Listed pearl sizes are estimates. There might be a slight difference (usually no more than 0.5 mm) between the information displayed and the real size.

[+] Sizes

Necklaces and bracelets:
The length of the necklaces and bracelets is mentioned in the product information as well as other available sizes.

To provide versatility to our products, many models include an adjustable extension chain as shown on the picture.

If you want to confirm the length of a necklace or know whether it has an extension chain, use the "MORE INFORMATION" button in the product details.



Our rings are available in various sizes. As a reference we use the measure of the circumference in millimeters. If you do not know your size, there are a ring size chart and an international size conversion chart available to help you find out.

Alternatively we have ring sizers available that can be sent free of charge. If you want to apply for one, do so from the submenu CONTACT indicating RING SIZER as a subject and including your full address in COMMENT.

If what you need is the equivalent from another size scale, refer to the following links:

Note that a local jeweller with a workshop can usually make a ring 2 sizes bigger or smaller.


[+] Guarantee

TENERIFE PEARL is a distributor of jewellery and all products are subject to exhaustive quality controls.

All of our articles have the following guaranty period for defects in manufacture: 6 months for glass based pearls and costume jewellery, 1 year for freshwater cultured pearls and 5 years for oyster pearls. This guarantee is not applicable to souvenirs.

During the guarantee period pearls damaged due to defective manufacture will be replaced free of charge. If the item can not be repaired, the entire item will be replaced. Our guarantee is only valid if the item has been treated with reasonable care and has not be subjected to direct application of perfume, solvents or other harmful solutions. Our guarantee does only apply to the pearls and is only valid when accompanied by the original receipt.

TENERIFE PEARL reserves the right to decide if the damage is a manufacturing defect or other cause.

TENERIFE PEARL recommends for the perfect maintenance of your jewel the following care for pearls: avoid any contact with acids, perfumes, cosmetics or oily substances. Do not bathe wearing pearls. Clean pearls with a soft, humid cloth. Keep pearls separate form other jewellery to avoid scratching. If you wear your pearls often, they will need restringing at least once a year.

[+] Packaging

Our products are accompanied by appropriate branded packaging for pearls. We send the product in the best suitable packaging taking into account the characteristics of the product.

[+] Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping
We offer a free gift wrapping service. You can also include a note to accompany your product. You can indicate a different shipping direction where we send the product together with a priceless gift receipt. 

[+] Promotional code

Promotional code
If you have a promotional code you can use it when placing an order. Once registered, you will have to insert it in the section that says "promotional code".
Note that our codes have an expiry date which is indicated in the same medium.
The codes that refer to a discount on purchases only affect the jewellery purchased, not the shipping.

[+] Gift cards

Gift card
Our gift cards can be used to purchase products both online and in our stores.

They are acquired for an initial value equal to or above 10 € and can be used in one or several purchases. The value of the card will be reduced according to the purchase until reaching 0.

To facilitate the monitoring of the gift card, they have a security code printed on them. Please keep the code secret as it enables you to use the card.

If the value of the purchase exceeds the value of the card, the purchase can be completed with other gift cards or with any other means of payment.

[+] Delivery

Shipping information

Shipments are made by registered, certified post for both domestic or international shipments.

Approximate delivery times are between 6 and 8 days for domestic shipments and 10 to 15 days for international shipments.

The expenses include transportation to the country of destination and any handling charges if applied. The exact amount depends on the number of items as it is based on weight. You can use the following table as a guideline:

Shipping costs
Number of Items National Europe + Greenland Other countries
Up to 2 items 3,50€ 4,70€ 5,55€
From 3 to 6 items 4,50€ 8,70€ 12,35€



Purchases over 90€ have no shipping costs.


[+] Payment

Methods of payment
Payment can be made by credit card or by using our gift card.
The card payment services are offered directly by the 4b secure payment platform, therefore we will at no time have access to card numbers or associated personal data.

[+] Return

You may return a product without giving any explanation within 15 days of receipt. The shipping costs are paid by the buyer.